Bridging The Online Gap

Unless you’re a recluse or a sociopath, you probably already know how to build good relationships offline in the real world.

As an online marketer, do you know how to build relationships with your prospects? Or are you thinking that the whole reason you got into the business was so that you could simply drive traffic to your offers and that your great landing pages and follow-up series would do all the work for you?

When I first started marketing online, I didn’t think it would require much more than driving traffic and letting my sales funnel take care of the rest. I have since learned that the secret to success for many of the top earners is due to their mastery of relationship building.

I heard one of the top earners in my primary business say that he does everything he can to get his prospects to call  him. He puts his phone numbers in his videos and takes any and all phone calls from prospects.

Does the thought of talking to prospects on the phone scare you? Maybe you don’t like the phone or get nervous talking to people about your opportunity. I felt this way at first, and I didn’t want to be bothered with having phone conversations since I thought my sales funnel would do all the work for me.

After observing some of the people who are having great success, even some of the newer marketers, I’ve decided to take steps to improve my relationship building with my online prospects.

There are four levels of engagement and at each level the relationship improves:

1. Cold traffic that goes onto my list and gets my follow up series

2. People I get to know through groups and social media

3. People who have a Facebook chat with me

4. People who have a phone conversation with me

Which group do you think is going to convert the best as far as joining me? It should be obvious that the people who talk to me on the phone and get to know me will be much more likely to join me.

I can’t do much with the cold traffic except wait to see if it converts. Though lately I’ve gone so far as to put in some of the email addresses into the Facebook graph search to see if I can find them. I only do this if someone has replied to me by email with questions as it’s too time consuming with even a modest-sized list. If I find the person I send them a friend request and try to engage them on chat.

For people I meet in groups and other social media I try to comment and “Like” their comments if it’s on Facebook. If there’s a reason for us to get into a FB chat I encourage it. Though chatting is a much better way to get to know someone, it’s still somewhat difficult and it can be tiring to type so much.

For people who truly want to know more about what I do I invite the person continue our conversation by phone or Skype. By talking to them on the phone, I get a much better idea of who they are, and they get to know me too. I feel it bridges the gap of the digital divide that exists in online marketing.

My goal is to talk to as many people as I can every day on the phone to get to know them and see if there’s a fit between what they want and what I have to offer. I don’t try to sell them, I provide information and encourage them. Due to removing the desire to sell, all my conversations so far have been pleasant and enjoyable. I’ve also learned a lot from them.

You may be thinking that this approach isn’t scalable. If you’re already a big time marketer driving huge traffic to your offers then obviously you don’t need to do this.

For me, getting on the phone with people is going a long way towards bridging the gap of communication and building trust. Maybe you’ve heard that people don’t join programs, they follow people. I believe this wholeheartedly and that’s why I’m getting on the phone.

What about you? Are you helping to bridge the gap with your prospects?


  1. Great tips and value here! Awesome post Reid

  2. Awesome post Reid! I remember when I first started gaining traction online, and it started with getting more personal by getting on Skype calls with folks!

    Keep the value coming, Reid!

  3. Nice to see someone actually knows about network marketing. Skype is one of the best tools to interact and engage with people to make connections online.

  4. Man Reid this piece really sets a new bar for me. Fantastic! Can’t wait for hour next article.

  5. Great post..

  6. Very valuable information you are sharing today. Thanks

  7. Dawn Campbell says:

    Awesome article, Reid! Can really see how valuable this is in today’s world–real connections with real people!

  8. great post, good info!

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