MTTB Review 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a review of MTTB and there’s lots of new developments that are worth writing about. If you’re thinking of joining MTTB or MOBE, now is a good time to get in.

Since this article was posted, I wrote a comprehensive MTTB review for 2014 here.

A new traffic course was just added called the Traffic Masters Academy. This is one of the best sources of information on how to master traffic for Internet marketing. There are in-depth courses on blogging by John Chow, Facebook marketing by Michelle Pescosolido, and PPV marketing by Luke Lim and Bernardo De La Vega.

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Why Events Are Important


Matt Lloyd founder of MOBE and me at the Home Business Summit

I attended the Home Business Summit this weekend in San Diego  where 65 people from  MOBE were gathered for a conference. The event was awesome and I got some great ideas that I know are going to translate into making me more money.

Even though the ideas were extremely valuable, I think the most valuable part of the conference was the connections that I made. Getting to know people through Facebook groups and chats is one thing, but getting to shake someone’s hand and talk to them face-to-face is so much better. I feel I’ve developed connections with people this weekend that will last a lifetime.

I came away from the event even more inspired and motivated than before. It’s great hearing from some of the speakers who have made millions of dollars per year as online marketers, like Vince Reed, Michael Force, and John Chow. But for me, it’s almost more exciting to hear from the newer online marketers who just got started a year ago and are making money.

Getting pictures of leaders is always great for marketing, so if you go to an event, be sure to bring your camera to the sessions.



My Top Tier Business and MOBE

A few weeks ago, I learned about an online business model that makes a lot of sense to me. I heard about it at a Dot Com Lifestyle Meetup group in Irvine. The leader and some of the other members of the group were making money with it. These people are very successful bloggers and Internet marketers.

The name of the program is My Top Tier Business (MTTB). Most people join as an MTTB affiliate first. The MTTB coaches then take you through the 21 steps in a series of live phone calls. These coaches are online business experts and offer valuable information.

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