Why I Hate Blogging

I started this blog about three months ago. I’ve had blogs before, and one time I gave myself the challenge of writing a post every day for 30 days. I did it, but it almost drove me mad.

The relentless pressure to write starts to get to me even when I try to ignore it. I know I should write and post every day, at least that’s what the big-time bloggers tell me, but for now my goal is three posts a week.

Why not post more often? Because I don’t want to drive myself crazy trying to stick to posting every day. I figure if I do start posting more often I’ll look at those as bonus posts. 

I don’t mind writing once I settle on a topic I want to write about. What often gives me the most trouble is coming up with a topic. It’s what I hate most about blogging.

I don’t want to write about current events, I don’t want to write about my personal life, I only want to write about Internet marketing and how to build an online business because those are the people I want to help.

So why is it so hard? Because the topics I want to write about often would be better served with graphics, screenshots, or videos. Putting together a killer post with those elements takes planning and time.

My list of things to do every day and my priorities of driving traffic and connecting with people leaves little time for planning out epic blog posts.

In addition to the above priorities, I have to commit time to studying and learning new programs and systems. I can’t continue to improve my skills and marketing strategies without continuing to study and learn.

So while I’m building my ads, connecting with people, and learning new skills, I feel the constant nag in the back of my mind telling me I haven’t written a new post for three days. It gets to be really annoying, so I write a post, then I’m done with feeling the nag for a couple days.

You might be wondering, why do I torture myself and write at all? I write for this blog because in the long run, I think building a loyal audience of readers who are interested in online business tips will be extremely rewarding.

Look at guys like John Chow, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, and the other big time bloggers. Without their blogs how would we know about them and how would they stay in touch with us?

I’m considering doing short videos and posting them to YouTube and using that as content for some of my blog posts. But I still have to come up with ideas and then record the videos.

So even though I sometimes hate blogging I’ll continue to do it. I know it sounds like I have a bad attitude and I’m not being “Mr. Positive Mindset,” but I just needed to put this out there.

Sometimes I don’t like exercising either, but I do it because it helps me in the long run to stay fit and healthy.

How about you, do you hate blogging sometimes?


  1. I hated blogging for a while, but now that i got better with my writing skills, i like it.

  2. Dawn CAmpbell says:

    Coming up with topics is hard for me as well. I really identified with this article. Thanks for your honesty. Refreshing!

  3. can relate to you. the more i learn and see the response i get the more i want to get better at it. …

    • Thank you for commenting Terri and I’m glad you’re getting a good response. You deserve it with the great content you post.

  4. Awesome post Reid! Love your transparency on this one. We all feel this way from time to time

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Keith and I wish I could keep up with you! You seem to have an endless supply of good ideas and topics for your blog posts.

  5. Wow, you hit the nail right on the head. I feel the same way. I still have a day job so trying to get everything done in one day is not easy. I leave the weekends to work on my training. Thanks for sharing….

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Irene and I’m glad you can relate. I’m impressed that you can do as much as you do having a day job.

  6. Ruby Fernandez says:

    I can totally relate. Another factor also is fear of rejection. But the more you do it, the more you learn and relax, and eventually have fun doing it. Great post.

    • Hi Ruby and thank you for visiting and commenting. I’m glad you can relate and it sounds like you have fun with your blogging. Good for you on making it fun.

  7. You’re not alone. I resisted doing videos for more than a year, but in the end…they are the easiest content.

    • I’ve seen your videos Haynes and you produce great content with lots of value. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  8. I hate blogging as well but if you’re passionate about what you’re about to write you’ll definitely love it. Great post Reid! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I took a short cut for a while, with some incredible auto-posting software. I could churn out as many articles as I liked on my chosen fields – all absolutely unique. It also had embedded links which would link to Affiliate offers. I stopped using it because – as you said – in the long run I need to be building a following. I was not engaging at all with my audience. The posts were fake – not me at all. People were not getting to know me and I was unable to help them in their quest for online success. It saved time – but was a dead end really!

    • Thank you for adding to the conversation here with your comment Paul. I published this post to let people know what I go through as an online marketer and to be real with my audience. I also thought it might get some attention. I commend you on being astute enough to realize that everyone wants to hear from Paul, not a software program.

  10. I quite actually enjoy the blogging process, when I have something to say

    Unfortunately the ideas come when I’m away from the computer and desert me the moment I return.

    • You hit the nail on the head Stephen–I too enjoy writing when I have something to say. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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