Marketing Metrics That Matter For 2014

For most of us, starting the new year off right means setting goals and measuring our progress as we go. Setting goals is the easy part. Having the discipline to stick to our programs is the tough part. How should we measure our progress as marketers?

My goals for my business are clearly defined by how much income I want to earn this year. I didn’t start my business as a hobby, I started it to make money. Let’s say that my target income is $120k. We can break it down into smaller goals.

In order to make $120k this year, I need to earn $10k a month, or $2,500 a week. If I only work five days a week, I need to earn $500 a day.

In order to have a clearer picture of what I need to do to achieve my goals, I need to know exactly what conversions need to happen at every step of my processes.

I need to know how much traffic I need to drive to my offers, how many clicks I get, how many opt-ins, and how many conversions to sales. I know my conversion ratios and I have a lot of work to do to get to the $500 a day goal.

So what metrics will I be paying close attention to this year? Is it the number of blog posts I write? Should I make increasing my Alexa ranking a priority? How about counting how many videos I watch and courses I take to increase my knowledge?

While the activities above are important, none of them are going to contribute much towards me achieving my financial goals. I will continue to write blog posts and learn new skills, but these activities will have a lower priority than the ones that I feel matter most.

The Metrics That Matter Most in 2014:

How many Sales and or Signups did I get today?

Obviously this is the desired end result. But since I can’t control the actual sales results I get every day, I need to focus on activities that I can control, like the ones below.

How many people did I talk to today?

I firmly believe that the best way to generate sales is to talk to people over the phone and help them with their marketing. The phone bridges the gap that emails and online chats can’t overcome. I have been tracking how many phone and Skype calls I have every day.

How many people did I meet and chat with on Facebook?

I feel that Facebook is a gold mine and I am steadily building the number of friends and fans who are interested in making money online. My goal is to get 10 new friends a day and to have at least 5 chats. These will eventually lead to phone calls where I can really get to know people.

How many opt-ins did I get today?

As an Internet marketer this should be an obvious metric we need to track because it’s what builds our lists. But during some periods last year I forgot all about it while I went off on other tangents.  I’ll also be tracking closely how much each lead is costing me.

How many clicks did I get today?

Opt-ins come from clicks, so it makes sense that I need to track the number of clicks I get on my landing pages. I’ll also be tracking how much each of those clicks are costing me from each traffic source.

Other Lower Priority Metrics:

I’m going to write more high-value blog posts and make more videos this year in an effort to increase my traffic and visibility on the web. My goal is to write at least three blog posts a week and to do one solid video a week. But these activities will always rate lower on my priority scale than getting clicks, opt-ins, contacts, and phone calls.

What about you? Are you going to spend the year focusing on high return activities? Do you know your metrics?

Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on metrics that matter.


  1. Great defined goals for 2014! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dawn CAmpbell says:

    I liked how you broke down the larger goal into “daily specifics.” That will be really helpful for me as I consider my goals this year. Excellent advice!

  3. You raised the bar again!
    Fantastic and Thank You.

  4. Thanks for all your great information. You are one of my mentors and someone that I will be watching and following. Thanks for sharing….

    • Thank you Irene. I know you’re going to have a phenomenal 2014 because I can feel your strong drive and determination to succeed.

  5. Great post

  6. yes..great road map to follow for 2014.

  7. Great reminder to continue and step up daily activities. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Nice post about marketing metric

  9. It takes laser focus to succeed! Thanks for a great post.

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