Matt Lloyd MTTB System Review

You’re likely reading this review because you’re thinking of joining and going through the MTTB 21 step program. You may have read some articles online calling the program the “MTTB scam.” This My Top Tier Business review will look at both sides of the top tier business model.

MTTB Scam? A Balanced MTTB Review

First we need to think about the motivation behind the MTTB reviews you’ve seen online. Many of the reviews are by people who are promoting it, the other types of reviews are from people who are promoting other business opportunities.

The motivation for both camps is clear: either they want you to join My Top Tier Business on their team, or they want to call MTTB a scam to get you to join their business. Most people wouldn’t take the time to do the research and write out a long, unbiased MTTB review without a strong motivation to recruit you into whatever business they’re promoting.

MTTB ReviewWhich camp do I fall in? You may have seen that I do promote MTTB and I’m a member of MOBE, also known as My Online Business Empire. But I don’t believe MOBE is the answer for everybody. There are plenty of ways to make money online and MOBE is just one business model.

In the interest of full disclosure: If you do end up joining from any link on this page, I will earn a commission. I make no promises as to whether you’ll make your money back or even earn a dollar. That’s up to you. I will give you some coaching if you need it. You can find out more about me here. So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a close look at the   top tier business model.

History of My Top Tier Business

Matt Lloyd is a 27 year old Australian who grew up with an entrepreneurial streak at an early age. He started his first business at 10 years old selling spuds from a roadside stand. He later started a quail farm, a marron farm, and even tried selling kangaroo furs.

While Matt was attending university, he launched a business doing manual labor for people in his neighborhood.  His lawn mowing service did well and allowed him to build a substantial savings account.

In 2008, Matt attended a business opportunity meeting in Sydney where he was enticed to invest $2000 into a top tier, high-ticket program. He ended up investing another $24,000, which due to the exchange rate was the equivalent of $40,000. He worked 12 hours a day for nine months and didn’t make a single sale.

In late 2009, he got his first sale and earned a $1,000 commission. This was the turning point for Matt, because now he knew it was really possible to make money online.

Matt studied Internet marketing like his life depended on it, attended masterminds to learn from the gurus, and created his first info products with his knowledge. He started selling his info products online by using the traffic strategies that he’d been learning from his intense studies, and soon was having $5k and $10k months.

Matt continued to produce products and drive massive traffic to his offers and by March 2012, he had his first $120k month. One of his early products was the I.M. Revolution which was a low cost front end product priced at around $10 to create customers. He then called these customers to upsell the more profitable info products.

How the MTTB System and the MOBE Licensing Rights program was Created

In 2012, a guy Matt respected said, “Why don’t you license your products and get affiliates to sell them for you?” A light switch came on in Matt’s mind, and he wasted no time in creating a licensing and affiliate program. This is no small undertaking as it requires a huge investment in software and systems and requires programmers to setup and monitor.

Matt created the MTTB 21 step system as a low-cost, front end offer priced at $49. MTTB enables a person to go through the 21 step video training and to have a series of coaching calls from experienced marketers. Matt did all the coaching calls at first, then realized he needed to put together a phone team to take care of his new inflow of MTTB customers.

How My Top Tier Business works and the Upsell to the MOBE licensing program

An MTTB affiliate can earn 50% commissions on any of the info products and MTTB buyers sold through his affiliate link. At step six in the coaching process, MTTB affiliates are given the opportunity to upgrade to a licensee or master license rights (MLR) for a cost of $1997. For simplicity’s sake, let’s call it $2k.

MLR’s also gain access to some of Matt’s info products including the recently released Traffic Master’s Academy. The info products alone are worth over a $1000 and the MOBE info productsTraffic Master’s Academy is packed with high-value content. There are several hours of video training by experts in traffic generation like blogging, solo ads, Facebook marketing, and others.

As a licensee or MLR, the commissions increase to 90% on all products under $500 and 50% on products over $500. Licensees also earn $1,000 for every MLR sale that comes in through their affiliate link. The offer to upgrade has a strong appeal based on the desire for an MTTB affiliate to earn the maximum commissions possible and to qualify to earn the $1k MLR sales.

It’s not a requirement to become an MLR to continue marketing the products and program as an affiliate, but the commissions earned stay at 50% at the MTTB level. To clear up any confusion on the difference between MTTB and MOBE, here’s how it works. MTTB is for the $49, 21 step system, MOBE is for the MLR’s or licensees.

The MOBE phone coaches are all highly professional and do not use high pressure sales tactics on MTTB affiliates to badger them into upgrading to MLR. Most affiliates see the value in the license and want to upgrade themselves, but some don’t have the funds to invest.

I’ve worked with stock brokers who earned millions of dollars in commission per year selling over the phone. They have nothing on the MOBE phone team. The phone coaches work extremely hard and put in long hours to work with every MTTB or MOBE affiliate to coach them through the 21 steps.

The company is growing rapidly and just opened and office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The last number I heard quoted in public about MOBE’s sales goals was that the company was projecting $50 million in sales in 2014.

Upgrade to MOBE Titanium, Platinum, or Diamond

After a person becomes a licensee, she’ll be give the opportunity to upgrade to a Titanium, Platinum, or Diamond. The table below shows the cost to upgrade, what you get, and what you can earn in commissions.

One thing to note is that you can only earn up to the level you’re currently positioned. For example, the highest commission an MLR can earn is the MLR commission of $1k. If an MLR had someone upgrade to Titanium, because they’re not positioned as a Titanium, those commissions would be passed up to the person above them in their up line who is a Titanium.

LevelInvestmentWhat You GetEarning LevelAdded Benefits
MTTB$4921 Step Program and 3 coaching calls50% on info product and MTTB
MOBE MLR$19976 Core Info Products, Level 2 Coaching, 3 sessions with traffic coach90% on products < $500, 50% > $500, $1k on MLR sales
Titanium Mastemind$9,000
30+ info products + additional coaching calls, 4 day 5 night mastermind90% on products, $1k for MLR sales, $3k for Titanium sales
Platinum$15,00030+ info products + additional coaching calls, 6 day 7 night mastermind90% on products, $1k for MLR sales, $3k for Titanium sales, $5k for Platinum sales
Diamond$30,0009 day, 10 night mastermind + work with Matt Lloyd and his team to create your own videos and content. 90% on products, $1k for MLR sales, $3k for Titanium sales, $5k for Platinum sales, $10k for Diamond salesDone for you personal branding with video and product creation.

I’m not going to go into detail regarding the Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond Mastermind events here, but I will say that they’re held at an exotic location, have high-level speakers, and Matt Lloyd pays for all food, lodging, and entertainment. Matt may have a reputation for being thrifty, but he goes all out to make sure the MOBE mastermind events will be remembered for the rest of a person’s life.

The reason people can make $20k, $50k, or more per month with MOBE is that the higher cost products on the back end pay such huge commissions. There are MOBE affiliates who are getting an average one MLR sale for every 6 MTTB buyers, one Titanium out of 3 MLRs,  and one Platinum for every two Titaniums. So the ratio is 6:2:1. 6 licensees = 2 Titaniums = 1 Platinum.

What this means is that a MOBE Platinum member can afford to spend more on advertising than just about every other marketer running ads. The payoff when they get a buyer who upgrades to Platinum is a total of $9,044 in commissions. The commissions work out to $44 for the MTTB sale, $1k for the MLR, $3k for the Titanium, and $5k for the Platinum.

With such a hefty backend earnings potential, someone positioned at Platinum can lose money on the front end offer and still make money on the back end. It allows them to spend $200 or more to acquire an MTTB buyer and still be profitable because the average lifetime value of a customer is so high.

This is why some of the detractors of My Online Business Empire have written reviews saying that it’s a scam. Due to the larger payoffs for promoting the MLR, Titanium, and Platinum Masterminds, this is what most affiliates promote. While some affiliates promote the info products, the majority focus on recruiting.

I can understand why people analyzing the company would say it resembles a pyramid scheme. It’s definitely not a pyramid scheme, where only people who get in early and secure the top positions earn money, but I see why the focus on recruiting gives that impression.

Real World Results and Observations on MOBE

So getting back to the original question. Is My Top Tier Business and My Online Business Empire a scam? Merriam-Webster defines a scam as: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. I do not believe that Matt Lloyd, MOBE, or MTTB are fraudulent, nor do I think they are deceptive.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my year as a MOBE licensee. When people pay $2k to get into a program, they get real serious about earning a return on their investment. I know that’s how I felt, and many of the people I know in MOBE felt the same way.

If a person wants to try to learn how to do Internet marketing by watching free content online, I think all the information does exist in various places online. The problem is deciphering through the good information and the bad information. I think it would take  a lot longer to put all the pieces together and you’d waste a lot of time going in many different directions.

Nearly all of my best Internet marketing friends who I’ve learned from and share information with have come directly or indirectly from MOBE. I met people at the Home Business Summit events, I’ve met people through the Facebook Groups, and I continue to learn and improve my knowledge and skills through these relationships.

Matt Lloyd Super Charge Summit

One thing I will say about Matt and the leaders and partners in MOBE, is they’re all very sharp, nice, and fun people to be around. Matt may be young in years, but he has the knowledge, experience and wisdom of a seasoned CEO.

Matt may come off as somewhat guarded and quiet at first, but it quickly becomes obvious that he cares about his partners and affiliates. When he hears about problems that arise in the field that concern an affiliate, he puts a high priority on making sure the affiliate is taken care of and the problem gets resolved.

For me, investing the $2k for the MLR was the start of my real Internet marketing journey. Everything I was doing online before was just dabbling and wishful thinking.

I’m not going to quote income numbers and show screenshots, but I have earned roughly a 400% return on the money I’ve invested in MOBE. I’ve invested way more than just $2k for the license in the way of events, additional training, and traffic. So this is a significant ROI for me.

I have seen others struggle to make even their first commissions with MOBE. The ones who don’t make it are the ones who give up after trying a few things that don’t work.

In most businesses that are structured like MOBE, a statistic that’s often quoted by the so called experts is less than 2% of the people make any reasonable amount of money. The reason is that most people in these types of business opportunities get too discouraged after early failures. In Internet marketing, only the strong-minded, determined, and “never give up” people make it.

Is MTTB Good for the Newbie?

Let me say this as gently and diplomatically as I can. While I’ve seen experienced marketers who have big email lists or large Facebook followings come into the business and make big commissions in a short period of time, most of the new people do not. I think people underestimate the amount of time it takes to learn and master traffic strategies, blogging, SEO, and the dozens of other things it takes to excel as a marketer.

There are exceptions, and I have seen people with little or no Internet marketing experience start earning significant incomes in a relatively short period of time. Since this happens for some, it’s solid proof that the MOBE licensing model can work for even a new marketer with the right mindset who’s willing to learn and take action.

I think many new marketers come into MOBE thinking it’s a “push button” system and that they will easily start earning thousands of dollars a month. That would be a great system, and if one like that exists, I’ll be the first to sign up. But MOBE is not a push button system.

Is it possible for a newbie to make money quickly in MOBE? Yes, it’s possible and I’ve seen it happen, but it’s the exception rather than the rule.

If you’re going to get into MOBE consider it a long-term investment in your Internet marketing education. If you stay focused and committed, you WILL learn how to market and drive traffic to offers, track conversions, and optimize your campaigns.

You’ll learn how to build landing pages, create an email list, write a follow up series, build a blog, and many other skills which are the foundation of any Internet marketing business. $2k is a small price to pay for the education and relationships you’ll develop, and you might just become one of the next MOBE success stories.

If you go into MOBE with these things in mind, then I’d recommend it as a great way to learn how to build an online business. If you’re looking to get rich quick and make thousands of dollars a month with little effort, save your money.

I hope this My Top Tier Business review has been helpful in showing you how it works and whether it’s for you or not.

If you do decide to join through me, you’ll be part of John Chow’s group and receive over $2000 worth of bonuses and have access to our Facebook Group and membership site.

If you want to learn more, click the link to download the Ultimate Online Profit Model ebook that compares and contrasts MOBE to other business models: UOPM eBook