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I’ve decided to expand the focus of this site to work at home tips. It was previously focused on Internet marketing with the site tagline of “Online Rookie Tips.” I’ve been learning a lot about keyword research, authority site building, and SEO, from the experts at Nohatdigital, and I’ve decided to enlarge my scope for the site.

I’ll still be writing about Internet marketing and building an online business, because I have a strong interest in them and continue to develop skills and knowledge that I’d like to share. It’s a relevant subset of the broader work from home category.

Stats of

As of the date of this post, 10/26/14, I have an Alexa ranking of 445k global and 137k USA. Alexa Ranking Alexa ranking 10_26_14

In the year that I’ve had this site, I’ve not put much effort into turning it into an authority site. I’ve written posts about Internet marketing, MTTB/MOBE, and other subjects related to building an online business.

I’ve published a grand total of 43 posts, and only have six pages of content. The site has a domain authority of 29, and a page authority of 34, with 29 links to my root domain and 529 total links, according to MOZ Open Site Explorer.

MOZ DA and PA OSE 10_26_14

MOZ Domain and Page Authority and links

Here’s a video with a brief explanation of page authority and domain authority by Tommy, one of the Nohatdigital guys:

In the last 30 days, according to Google Analytics, I’ve had 266 visits from 196 unique visitors, with a 35% bounce rate. I noticed a spike in traffic yesterday and I’m not sure where it came from yet. I’ll have to investigate after I finish writing this post.

Traffic Google Analytics

Google Analytics traffic to last 30 days

Why am I sharing these stats and screenshots? Because I want this post to serve as a benchmark and see how I can improve my traffic, rankings, and visibility. I’m a little embarrassed to be sharing these low numbers with you, but it will serve as a sort of “before” picture, similar to a before and after weight loss snapshot.

Why did I neglect this blog and not put more effort into it? Because I lacked the knowledge of how to build a site that gains a following and becomes a true resource. I was unfocused and not sure about what to write about, so I chose the path of doing little or nothing.

This all changed for me about of two months ago, when I began learning SEO from a guy who’s head of SEO for a thriving startup. He taught me how to do solid keyword research, on-page SEO, and strategies for link building. He also introduced me to the Nohatdigital internships and Private Training Courses (PTC).

As part of my homework for Nohatdigital’s PTC, which started on September 29th, I’ve built three pages for this site based on solid keyword research. The total word counts for each page was 1,089 (Leadpages Review), 1,761 (Empower Network Review), and 2,494 (MTTB Review).

For the PTC, we had to do keyword research for three sites total, and build them out to 7,500 works of content each. So the work on this site represented one third of my homework for the PTC. My other two sites are sites for musicians: Guitar and Songs, and Music Skills. I’ll explain why I started these two sites in a future post.

I’ve built the pages the way they taught me with rich content such as images, videos, tables, and table of contents. I’ve linked out to authority sites, and built internal links. In other words, I’ve implemented strong on-page optimization.

These pages are already getting traffic (small numbers, but encouraging) compared to my other posts and pages. The MTTB review and the Empower Network review have already surpassed my next most popular post on “Bulk email lists or scraping? top pages top pages

The bulk email lists article was an experiment in SEO to see if I could get traffic to a term I could find little information on. I did not use any keyword research or on-page optimization for that article because I didn’t know how to do it at that time.

With the new expanded focus of work at home tips, I’ll be able to write on a much broader range of topics than just Internet marketing.

Stay tuned for new articles, tips, and resources on working from home and how to turn your passions, skills, and knowledge into a business.

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