Facebook Privacy Settings

I’ve been wanting to write a post on Facebook privacy settings for awhile now. I found this article yesterday from the New York Times and I think it covers everything better than I could:

“Flipping the Switches on Facebook’s Privacy Controls”

Why I Hate Blogging

I started this blog about three months ago. I’ve had blogs before, and one time I gave myself the challenge of writing a post every day for 30 days. I did it, but it almost drove me mad. The relentless pressure to write starts to get to me even when I try to ignore it. […]

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Daily Task Checklist

In an effort to start my year off right I put together a checklist to keep me on track. There were too many things floating around in my head that I knew I wanted to do every day, but no way for me to keep track of those tasks. When I put things on paper […]

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Marketing Metrics That Matter For 2014

For most of us, starting the new year off right means setting goals and measuring our progress as we go. Setting goals is the easy part. Having the discipline to stick to our programs is the tough part. How should we measure our progress as marketers? My goals for my business are clearly defined by […]

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How To Learn Internet Marketing Skills

There are many basic skills that we should learn as an Internet marketer. Sometimes the list seems endless–especially if you’re not fond of learning new programs. Here are some of the key skills that I think every Internet marketer should learn (I use a Mac so most of the resources below are for Mac users. […]

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How To Find A Mentor To Learn Internet Marketing

John Chow Sharing His Strategies With Me

Learning to be a good Internet marketer can be a daunting challenge filled with confusion and misinformation. At every turn there are distractions and differences of opinion on the best strategies and tactics. Even getting started, the rookie online marketer is faced with the question of what business model to pursue. When I started nearly […]

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Bridging The Online Gap

Unless you’re a recluse or a sociopath, you probably already know how to build good relationships offline in the real world. As an online marketer, do you know how to build relationships with your prospects? Or are you thinking that the whole reason you got into the business was so that you could simply drive […]

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Matt Lloyd’s Supercharge Summit Event

Matt Lloyd billiards

I attended our company event this weekend called the Supercharge Summit put on by Matt Lloyd and the MOBE top earners and leaders. About 60 people attended the event which was held at the Carefree Resort in Arizona. We got to hear from the top earners in the company like Max Aria, John Chow, Terry […]

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What It Takes To Succeed At Internet Marketing

I downloaded a 39 page ebook by Jonathan Budd called, “State of the Internet Address.” It’s the best single piece of content I’ve read on what it takes to become a successful Internet marketer. Here’s my favorite quote from the ebook: “Expect you will have to do WHATEVER it takes, with no clue what that […]

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How Not To Run A Solo Ad

I ran a 1,000 click solo ad two weeks ago and paid $1.10 a click, or $1,100 for it. The solo ad provider was highly recommended as a great source for quality clicks. It took the solo provider two weeks to deliver all the clicks and they ended up over-delivering by about 586 clicks. They […]

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