In case you’re wondering about the name of this blog it’s based on a nickname I’ve had since high school and is a lot easier to spell and remember than my full name.

After years of working at jobs where I had to drive to an office or to client locations, my commute is now two seconds and ten feet–the time and distance it takes to walk to my computer.

I’ve always wanted to work from home, but never knew how to actually do it and make it happen. After much study, lots of trial and error (and many failures), masterminding with people who make a nice living from home, I’ve finally achieved my goal of working from home.

I currently make a living doing phone sales for high-ticket products and services, doing coaching for people who want to work from home, and through my own Internet marketing businesses.

I love the freedom of not having to spend hours every day fighting the Los Angeles traffic. I also love the freedom of making my own schedule and being able to go to the gym or make other plans when I feel like it.

As an Internet marketer, I market products and services online for profit. Over the last four years, I’ve built 14 websites, earned income with affiliate marketing, wrote ebooks, and helped other people with their online businesses. I love learning new Internet marketing strategies, skills, and techniques and find the whole business fascinating.

I’m a huge believer in finding a mentor, paying for coaching, and getting into mastermind groups to accelerate my skills and knowledge. I’ve spent thousands of dollars for coaching and mastermind groups and it’s always paid off for me.

I’m now focusing on three things in my Internet marketing business:

  1. Promoting CPA offers using paid traffic to generate affiliate commissions
  2. Building web properties using keyword research and SEO strategies
  3. Finding new ways of driving traffic to my offers using both paid and free advertising.

The one thing I hate about the Internet marketing world, is that after I buy a course or coaching program, the whole course consists of watching videos and reading text. There’s no real coaching and the only support available is through support tickets and email replies.

Maybe I’m old school, but I like talking to people on the phone when I need help or to brainstorm ideas. I no longer invest in coaching programs that are limited to video content and Facebook Group support. If I can’t reach out and talk to someone, I’m not interested.

Partly due to my pet peeve about the lack of real support in the IM world, I enjoy helping people with their Internet marketing projects. I remember in the beginning, when I first started learning about Internet marketing, I had a couple of guys who were experts who I saw once a week for lunch. I was able to ask them my questions and they answered them. This support was incredibly helpful for me and that’s what I can do for you if  you want to work with me.

I’m also a musician and songwriter. I play guitar, keyboards, and enjoy writing and recording my own songs. I also played in a couple of local bands. One of the new sites I’m building gives tips and resources to beginning guitar players and songwriters.

The specific areas of expertise that I can coach you on:

1. How to find and excel at work at home phone sales or other types of work at home jobs or businesses. I can show you how to find great work at home opportunities in phone sales, website building, writing, and many other areas.

2. How to promote CPA offers and affiliate marketing using paid traffic

3. How to do keyword research BEFORE you setup a blog and build pages out to give you the best chance of ranking in the SERPs and how to do on page SEO.

4. How to setup a WordPress site

5. How to learn to play the guitar and how to write a song. If you need some help or advice here, I’m a guitar player, keyboard player, and songwriter.

If you need some help in any of the above areas reach out to me and we’ll get on the phone to see if I can help you.

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